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Preparing for immigration? Net exposure Ma Rong brought her son and daughter to study English

On the afternoon of September 1st, some netizens broke the news on the Internet, saying that Wang Zishan met Ma Rong in a building in Beijing, and Ma Rong came to an English training class with his son, Prince Howe and daughter! The blogger wrote: “see Baoqiang Wang daughter-in-law Ma Rong with two children in the English training class”.
Figure can see Ma Rong, wearing a white peaked cap, long hair, wearing a white translucent lace clothing, wearing a black miniskirt, son and daughter wear and wear the same children Ma rong! However, because the distance is too far, bloggers are not able to take pictures in the face for Ma Rong, Ma Rong is also attracted questioned by other users, but the blogger responded: “see the face, not to shoot down, next to the teacher knows that”. So, is the woman really Ma Rong? In fact, from the blogger shared the picture, Ma Rong face almost invisible, but Baoqiang Wang and the daughter of Prince Shan Ma Rong walk and “Daddy where 3” like, almost certainly is Ma Rong with their children to learn english.
Ma Rong and daughter
Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong married very low-key, after two children, the eldest son called Prince Hao, born in 2010 in New Jersey, the 7 year old; little girl called Wang Zishan, named Nana, was born in Losangeles in 2011, 6 years old this year; now, two children have been to school age, in the education of their children, Ma Rong took the children to learn English this is good.
In August 14, 2016, Baoqiang Wang announced a public statement with divorce and Ma Rong, two people marriage is officially broken, and between Ma Rong and Baoqiang Wang broker Song Zhe is struggling caused a national scandal, so Ma Rong like hatred, people cry, many users have even behind Baoqiang Wang. Today, the matter has been in the past more than a year, Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong’s divorce case is still inconclusive; in addition, not long ago, users broke the news that Ma Rong has submitted immigration materials, but also caused some heated debate.

Did Yang Mi and Sun Li give Zhao Wei the background board? Today, three people have changed so much

Recently, Sun Li and Chen Xiao’s drama “the circle” the ship is hit, causing a lot of people’s attention, originally this drama is not on time, there are many viewers because of Sun Li and Chen Xiao’s partner and particularly look forward.
Yang Mi Sun Li actually gave Zhao Wei as a backdrop, now can be cited with her friends lamented on an equal footing
Then after the TV broadcasting, because of Deng Chao’s fancy publicity hardcore fans and attracted the attention of users, what “to the abuse by Sun Li actor apology”, “watching TV broken mobile phone”, all is Deng Chao in the TV drama “since then flowers on a perfect circle” broadcasting the moth.
Yang Mi Sun Li actually gave Zhao Wei as a backdrop, now can be cited with her friends lamented on an equal footing
So some people say that the Internet if Deng Chao were not an actor, is definitely a play the red net, but even now the artists will stop him to dominate the heart of micro-blog, micro-blog frequently funny funny words Shuabing, so many users have become one of his thousands of fans in, but also the loss of Deng Chao’s propaganda, the drama has been gradually higher in the ratings.

Willber Pan hugs Wu Xin kiss exposure friends: a false thing becomes true?

According to Taiwan media reports, Willber Pan recently and mainland actress Wu Xin cooperation reality show “we love each other”, sweet interaction really like in love, pink bubble atmosphere caused fans attention. 3 day is about to usher in the final episode, the day before, there are staff first exposure, 2 people affectionate kiss, the screen exposure to fans excited big ticket, online set off a heated discussion.
Two people kissing exposure
In the finale aired before the series of photos show “we love it” staff of 2, the first exposure of Willber Pan, dressed in army green coat, domineering and put his arm around Wu Xin’s shoulders, sit on the grass and put the white chair, 2 mouth to mouth affectionate kiss, Kiss Lock shoulder staged idol drama the picture makes all the people can not help but blush.
After the exposure of the kiss screen, it seems to imply that “we love each other” will be broadcast on the 3 day of the outcome of the content, attracted large votes, fans can not help but exclaim, “situ explosion”, “what did I see?”” “I’m going crazy, I’m going crazy,” “I think I’m crazy,” “excited enough to talk,” and a heated discussion on the internet.
In fact, Willber Pan and Wu Xin cooperation reality since no matter in the backstage interaction are very ambiguous sweet, 2 people on the show had previously agreed to swap the Qixi Festival picture on Valentine’s day, because he had lost a bet to change themselves, the woman said to together, let him pleasantly surprised. The two sides were also in the Qixi Festival day, micro-blog photo into the face of each other, this not only blind people, many people are so curious about this “koala CP” in the end is not a false thing becomes true.

Fan Bingbing said the wedding to see the fate? Netizen: is Li Chen not married?

Ever since Fan Bingbing and Li Chen opened their love affair, two people have been showing affection. Regardless of the occasion, regardless of platform, dog food is everywhere. This sweet little couple is very popular, Fan Bingbing’s charm and popularity of the world known, Li Chen is also the big brother in the circle. So two people together to harvest the full blessing, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen’s wedding naturally became the object of everyone’s attention, two people often is almost a good thing, even when they are friends to. However, this wedding does not reliable.
It is understood that the Internet crazy pass, Fan Bingbing and Li Chen almost a good thing, but also exposed the two men’s bridesmaids group, Fan Bingbing’s good girlfriends have been included in the “bridesmaids”, including many in the circle of first-line actress.
Some people think baby will be Fan Bingbing’s maid of honor because baby and Li Chen are teammates of running men, and Li Chen has always regarded baby as his sister, so baby can be a bridesmaid. But the problem is, baby has got married and has children. Is it appropriate to be a bridesmaid? Traditionally, married women may not be suitable for bridesmaids. I don’t know what the netizens think.
The wedding of Fan Bingbing natural and ultimately, together with the original popular “pearl on both sides of the Changjiang River sisters”, so many netizens believe that Zhao Wei and Ruby Lin will attend the wedding of Fan Bingbing. Although Zhao Wei and Fan Bingbing have repeatedly transferred to see two people in discord, but Ruby Lin’s wedding photo, don’t believe the rumors are It is sheer fiction..
Although netizens have speculated that Fan Bingbing and Li Chen good things near, and even for them to plan a good bridesmaids, but Fan Bingbing himself did not have any news. It is understood that Fan Bingbing shortly before the wedding is asked, she said: “look at the fate.” These three words make the morning elder brother very embarrassed, can’t the predestination still not arrive?

Fang Yuan female Aaron Kwok when Dad? Brokers say: artists don’t respond to personal matters

According to Taiwan media reports, the mainland net red April and Aaron Kwok married Judy, rumored September upcoming production, when children come from outside the highly anticipated. Hong Kong media 2 broke the news, Aaron Kwok has heard when Dad on the 1 day, the suspect has been raised in Hongkong and the hospital gave birth to a baby daughter, brokers said the artist affair does not respond.
Fang Yuan and Aaron Kwok got married to Mrs. king after the pregnancy, the topic has been the focus of the outside world, said she had a female baby, due in September, had an appointment in Hongkong husband intimate hospital delivery room, mother from Shanghai to Hongkong to accompany.
According to media reports, the latest news that Fang Yuan came 1 days in the hospital and gave birth to a daughter, mother and daughter junan. However, for this, Hong Kong media broker asked Aaron Kwok the United States, the other said there did not receive the message, “but as previously said, the artist affair does not respond, is a respect.” As for whether it will affect Aaron Kwok’s work? Brokers said that Aaron Kwok has been working, recently also non-stop to help the new film fixed.

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